Why? Why do you want long hair??

Posted by Debbie Buck on

Tuning into your why!

Do you ever wonder why some people ‘have’ and some people do not?

With anything in life, it is the small habits that we create’ day after day’ that can bring us closer to our dreams, whatever they may be.

In this instance, I am talking about creating very long, healthy hair.

As with any goal or dream, the first thing that you need to really establish is your ‘why’, or your motivation and intention for the change you seek.

In my experience, it is best to love what you already have while showing up for yourself everyday implementing innovative habits that create a new version of what you want.

If you know why you're doing something, it's easier to stay focused and commit to the entire progression while recognizing the emerging results.

It is very important to truly enjoy the process. There are a few fun ways to do this! Yes, do your best to keep it fun.

You want to establish your vision…

Create a vision board of long hair inspiration on Pinterest or any other app or medium that you prefer. You can also create an iMovie or other program, employing mantras that inspire you forward to your best hair. Be creative and have fun; watch it every day, if it works for you. You can save pictures of people with the kind of hair that you would like to have and the length, strength and health you desire.

Saving pictures of your favorite ways of wearing long hair will give you some inspirational ideas and give you a boost to carry on with the process.

I want you to think about how you're going to feel when you have that length of hair you desire. Feel into it, even close your eyes and envision yourself with the kind hair length and health that you desire. How does achieving this goal feel?

By establishing your intention and the motivation behind it you will be able to continue on with the process. This step is very important, especially when you consider the time it can take for hair to grow.

Everybody's journey will look a little different, due to variations in individual health, lifestyle, genetics and consistency in applying the method. Some people have thick hair and other people have fine hair, and different textures will appear to grow slower. One example is the corkscrew hair texture. It may be the same length when stretched out, however, it will look much shorter with its natural texture than a person with straighter hair.

My intent with Long Locks Method is to start you on a journey to manifest your best hair possible, while loving the entire process. This is not a ‘one and done’ methodology. It is a journey and I invite you to make it enjoyable!

You can create the best version of the hair you have.

  1. Get your inspiration through photos and videos – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok etc. Even go “old school” and cut out magazine pics… create a hair vision board!
  2. Get your inspiration affirmations e.g. “I have long healthy hair and I love the way it flows” or whatever feels true for you. Have a little fun with this!
  3. Establish your true ‘why’ - Tune in feel how it will really feel once you have achieved this goal, go back to that feeling often.



Let’s Get Growing!