About LLM

Hi, my name is Debbie, and I'm the owner and creatrix of Long Locks Method.

Upon deciding, several years ago, that I wanted to express myself in a free and natural manner, as a way of connecting further with my inner self and the wonderful world in which I play - and transpire into the woman that I am - it became apparent that my hair, my antenna, must be encouraged to reach its full potential… and GROW!

While perfecting my process, and achieving observable results over these past few years, I've been stopped countless times; while in the mall or grocery shopping, or on my outdoor walks, or in other situations and scenarios, by numerous women asking about my long hair.

The questions that I get asked by them the most…

“…how long have you been growing your hair…?” “… what is your secret...?” 

“… what products do you use…?”“… how do you care for hair that long…?” 

“… what practices are you doing to keep it that long and healthy looking, at the same time…?”

The comments that I hear from them the most…

“… I can’t grow my hair; it just seems to stop at a certain length…”

“… my hair is too dry, brittle, damaged and it keeps breaking…”

 “… I keep getting it trimmed and it never seems to grow… “

“… I am too old to grow my hair that long… “

To those who have asked over the years, I want you to know that I have listened to you!

On this site, I will begin to compile all the methods and the tools that I have used myself, so far!

My background knowledge of hairstyling theory and my certification as an aromatherapist has been infused into my daily and weekly practices.

I have created this platform where I can share, both, my knowledge and experiences of this rewarding journey, as well as, my personally developed product(s) of which I now offer to you!

This is not a one-and-done methodology or product trial.
This is a practice and a commitment.
With that, I welcome you to:
Long Locks Method
Hub of inspiration
Growing community, yes, pun intended!